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Current Topic: How Artificial Intelligence and Robotics can help Citizens?

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To make digital India concept to improve the lives of people especially in rural India, first we need to educate the people on the basics of digital life, digital hygiene, cyber security otherwise people will fall prey to the hackers by giving away their valuable information. Digital concept is otherwise is the need of the hour to save time, money and energy of the people for better Governance.

Artificial Intelligence can help Citizens in numerous ways if implemented, e.g

1. Healthcare sector can be revolutionised with better devices, patient monitoring with IoT devices.

2. Governance and Government Departments can have transparent processes for file movement, managing responsibility and accountability.

3. Grievance redressal can be speeded up with help of AI enabled Mobile Apps.

4. Start-ups can work on problems faced in Urban areas and resolve issues.

Artificial Intelligence allows machines to learn from experience, adapt to new facts, and perform human-like tasks, from chess-playing computers to self-driving cars. This all relies profoundly on deep learning and natural language processing.

The primary objective of AI is to allow computers to do intellectual tasks like decision-making, problem-solving, understanding human communication in any language.

As Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are the cutting edge technologies at present time. They can play a very vital role in shaping our society and for well-being of country. Especially in Service sector which contribute to the most of economic growth. Providing services through artificial intelligence and robotics in areas related to healthcare, education, banking enable with great efficiency and least human effort with help of these cutting edge technologies.

Various problems can be solved using AI which can help our Citizens:
1) Chat-bots for all the government portals to get the query solved quickly.
2) Our manufacturing industry can use AI and robotics for achieving better OEE by using the manufacturing data and doing predictive maintenance, real-time asset monitoring, Quality Inspection, Remaining useful life prediction, etc.
3) In the Transportation sector, we can actually track the movement of our buses and other transportation media in real-time so that various parameters like Arrival Time, Current location, Road Blockage, Alternate routing, etc. can be done which may help the citizens and the government by saving time and money.
4) In Agriculture cum Horticulture Sector, this technology may play a vital role by predicting the quality of the product by image recognition techniques, providing an adequate climate in the storage facility, efficient use of water in the fields, etc.

AI and robotics can help in many ways in domestic and in industrial works. According to me it can mainly help in manual scavenging as people in this work have to face many discrimination. It can be used in many industries like food processing industry, vehicle industry, mining area etc where life is exposed to more risks.

Artificial intelligence and robotics both are revolutionary technology of the modern era. These two technologies can be used in various fields of life on a daily basis. Artificial intelligence and robotics is a great combination for humankind to do the labour-some and time-consuming works with great accuracy, speed and precision. AI is the tendency to learn things automatically by machines on the basis of previous learning by the pre-programmed set of instructions. The artificial intelligence may be used to shorten many long processes in different organisations which actually wastes lots of time and energy during the execution of works. One example can be taken as instead of typing the words on computer or typewriter, we can use AI-enabled applications which directly converts the voice commands into words and recognise the dictations with very high accuracy.

Artificial intelligence is spreading its feet in the country as science is rapidly augmenting. AI with the application of Fuzzy Logic based programming and formation of artificial neural network has made wonders in this field. The country and its citizen could be benefited if these science inventions be able to directly added to our usefulness like creation of robots and machinery based on artificial intelligence that is Artificial neurons can make our daily appliances smart with intelligence inculcated in them so as to make our society and citizens privileged.

AI and Robotics are the emerging field in improving our day to day life directly or indirectly. AI and Robotics can help the healthcare sector of rural areas. In rural areas most of the doctors not very much keen to serve. Let us suppose a rural healthcare center where a AI and robotic powered machine is diagnosing and in case of requirement, it also getting opinion through tele-medicine. Early detection of dreadful diseases can be made happen with the help of AI. Robotic arm can help in state of art surgeries. Physiotherapy exercises like ROM or other simple maneuvers can be performed with robotics. AI can help in early detection and planning also.

Artificial intelligence is a term used to describe systems or machines that mimic the cognitive functions of human minds, such as learning and problem solving. From acquiring citizenship to outsmarting humans at complex games, from composing music to writing novels, from assisting doctors to helping fight judicial cases, artificial intelligence made its presence felt throughout the year. Perhaps, among the most talked about AI machines this year was Sophia, a humanoid robot designed by a company in Hong Kong, that was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia - a country where women were not allowed to drive until recently. Scientists at Stanford University developed an AI system that can detect life-threatening irregular heartbeats by quickly sifting through hours of heart rhythm data. The algorithm reportedly performs better than trained cardiologists. Such initiatives can be started in our country.

Artificial intelligence is a term used to describe systems or machines that mimic the cognitive functions of human minds, such as learning and problem solving. From acquiring citizenship to outsmarting humans at complex games, from composing music to writing novels, from assisting doctors to helping fight judicial cases, artificial intelligence made its presence felt throughout the year. Perhaps, among the most talked about AI machines this year was Sophia, a humanoid robot designed by a company in Hong Kong, that was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia - a country where women were not allowed to drive until recently. Scientists at Stanford University developed an AI system that can detect life-threatening irregular heartbeats by quickly sifting through hours of heart rhythm data. The algorithm reportedly performs better than trained cardiologists. Such initiatives can be started in our country.

Artificial Intelligence based Power Management System can help in learning the power consumption behaviour and assist in managing the greater power needs of citizens. AI is expected to be the brain of future smart power grid. The technology will continuously collect and synthesise overwhelming amounts of data from millions of smart sensors nationwide to make timely decisions on how to best allocate energy resources. Additionally, the advances made from deep learning algorithms, a system where machines learn on their own from spotting patterns and anomalies in large data sets, will revolutionize both the demand and supply side of the energy economy.

Artificial Intelligence is already amidst us. But the presence is only going to tenfold. From medicine to gaming, Artificial Intelligence is finding its niche and applications at a rapid rate. Artificial Intelligence, when fed with data, can help in finding anomalies, analysing prevention and predicting treatment which could enhance patient outcome.

Some examples of AI tools are: Atomwise is using AI and deep learning to facilitate drug discovery; PathAI creates AI powered technology for pathologists; Pager uses artificial intelligence to help patients with minor aches, pains and illnesses; Watson, which is an artificial intelligence tool created by IBM, to provide its customers with insightful and relevant product recommendations; Roomba 980 model uses artificial intelligence to scan room size, identify obstacles and remember the most efficient routes for cleaning; Olly a voice controlled AI assistant similar to Amazon Alexa or Google Home, but with one distinct difference that Olly has an evolving personality. Similar initiatives can be taken up in our country.

Through AI and deep learning, doctors can promptly diagnose cancer, before it is too late. The Chinese start up Infer vision is using deep learning and image recognition technologies to diagnose possible signs of lung cancer with X rays. In the same manner AI and Robotics can diagnose other medical diseases. AI and robotics can also enhance our counter based OPD registration and appointment system. AI based system can assist patients for medical advice, availability of doctors, getting an OPD appointment, lab reports and blood availability in any government hospitals.

One of the best usage of AI is in “natural language processing”. This is used by Google’s online real-time language translation service, which help to understand nuances of human speech in different languages, thus clearing the world barrier of language and helping people to communicate beyond the boundaries of nations.

NVidia's Jetson can be used to automate Search and rescue operations in difficult terrain. It uses deep learning algorithms for object detection, path planning and collision avoidance. With a clear path and swift movement, the waterproof drone can deliver humanitarian aid to those stranded after disasters.

Miko, India’s first companion robot is an AI-powered robot with an adaptive personality. As Miko interacts and spends more time with a child, it learns more about him or her. It can talk, respond, educate, and provide entertainment. It can understand your child’s needs, emotions, and likes and dislikes. So, when your child grows and changes, Miko also grows. Its knowledge base also increases with automatic updating. At present, this companion robot knows more than a million topic. But parents need not worry as this little genius will not discuss any topic which is not meant for children. Miko can answer your child’s queries and carry out detailed and guided discussions to help your child understand the topic better. Further, it can teach your little ones some good habits like not littering around.

Robotics can be used in hospitals in the following applications:
1. Receptionist: To make the appointments of the patient to the different doctors available in the hospital so that congestion is minimised. Doctors also connected on the same network, and in case if a doctor is free he/she can send the signals to the receptionist. And it can also give public any relevant documents other than appointment like health certificate or any other report etc.
2. Sweeper: We can use robot sweepers to automatically clean all the hospital floors in the hospital.
3. Parking: Here we can also use the robots in the parking lounge of the hospital.

I would like to submit the views on Robotics in Traffic Management in Himachal Pradesh. I am submitting a reference of Professor from IIT Indore who developed a robot which has following functionalities which can be use in real time traffic of State:
1. A complete 360 degree view of the streets.
2. The inbuilt cameras and WiFi connection aid the robot use its Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) system.
3. Communicate with the police control room in the case of any traffic violators.
4. Generate e-challans for traffic violators.
5. Use of Algorithm for traffic congestion.
6. Monitoring of vacant Parking Slots.
7. Detection of Over speed vehicles/without seat belt on highway.
8. Detection of current location of all Robots (if movable) on Android with GPS tracking.

There are many people in this world who are physically disable and cannot pursue their passions or the jobs that interest them and need an extra hand in the normal day to day functioning of their life. The idea that Japan came up with in this cafe is so motivating for the entire world as it provides robotic assistance to their physically disabled human employees in their cafe. There are hospitalized children and adults who cannot go to schools/colleges, senior citizens who cannot move freely but whose minds are fully intact, members of the armed service who lost some part of the body while serving their nation and they all spend their life in solitude and feeling of powerlessness. These Robots could be used to assist all these people and give them new hope and confidence in their lives by providing assistance and making the self dependent and giving them the opportunity to follow their passions.

In India we can use robots in Big cities to work with customers at supermarket like Big Bazar, Reliance stores etc. telling them the product location in store, discount offers and product description in the Store and also used at billing counters which have Huge Rush. War Robotics to provide assistance during war and minimize human loss. At Bus, Railway station for counter booking or inquiry section we use robots because these jobs are hectic and repetitive.

In US hospitals, Diligent Robotics developed a robot "Moxi" which undertake 30 per cent of the workload of nurses when they are not directly looking after patients. It also helps in non-care related tasks like bringing supplies and medicine from storage areas to treatment wards. From financial perspective, it is found that using robots for care could save the NHS almost £13bn a year, which is a tenth of its current budget.

The practical way to look at artificial intelligences(AI) is to have machines and human beings work in tandem. The artificial intelligence will take us in the near future to everywhere. Artificial intelligences (AI) should be rolled out with human touch.
The biggest challenge in AI and robotics is how machines might go ahead and decrypt human thought and how will they interpret the emotion behind the thought?
But looking at the another side one great but largely untapped application for AI in my view is in making sense of ‘unstructured’ data: the handwritten documents, images of customers and products, and other information that require advanced computer vision, voice and text recognition technology to digitize them, and enormous amounts of computing power to process them rapidly. AI could convert this massive amount of ‘unstructured’ data into structured data if processed using AI and help businesses and applications a lot.

The robotics communities have so far been driven by different yet highly complementary objectives, the first focused on supporting information services for pervasive sensing, tracking and monitoring; the latter on producing action, interaction and autonomous behaviour. They can remind folks to take their medication, help people with degenerative neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s by playing memory games, and even provide other forms of reassuring comfort.
Milo is a robot developed by American Humanoid manufacturer Robokind to support Children with Autism. Two-feet tall, it's been designed specially for parents,therapists and educators to teach children social skills.

Government services can be improved using AI as many Government processes turn into painful citizen experience in manual data entry and filling. Along with this, most of the employees can't complete their duties in good manner due to heavy workloads. AI powered document processing can save Government time and money and also provide relief to citizen from data entry and filling. Government agencies can also use AI in back offices processes such as invoicing, claim processing and purchasing which leads employees to work on higher level tasks.

Robotics in neurosurgery is the trending topics of these days with advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning , is transforming the practice of neurosurgery. There is hope that robotics will eliminate mechanistic errors, reduce operating times and provide the same or even greater resective margins with minimal-access surgery. This will mean excellent surgical results with minimal complication. Dr Sergio Canavero is hoping to become the first person to perform a head transplant with the help of robotics.

The Artificial Intelligence is the machine which are designed and programmed in such a manner that they think and act like a human being and the its use in banking and financial system,medical science, heavy industries has given advantages to the human being. There advantage is that machines do not required any sleep or breaks as with human being. They can continuously perform the same task without getting bored or tired. When employed to carry dangerous task, the risk of human health and safety is reduced. Robotics are capable of working in the hazardous environments. They can handle lifting heavy loads,toxic substances and repetitive tasks.

AI and Robotics are transforming Health care. Artificial intelligence & robotics can improve human living by developing advance technologies in health-care sector. AI & robotics together perform tests, maintain health data, diagnosis and recommend treatment. Now a days robots are used to perform surgeries like removal of a tumour, or heart surgery, Knee replacement instead of a doctors with less time & more accuracy. Private sector & Government sector need to understand the major issues of health care system & develop AI & robotics solutions based on their inputs.

The AI and Robotics will provide the better solutions to the citizens without involving the human resources for answering the repetitive questions. As an example the Chat bots are working great in Social Media, the bigger organizations and NIC has also introduced in the Himachal portal also. The all is one has to develop and design a strong database behind the Chat Bots.

In Japan remotely controlled robots OriHime-D are serving customers at Cafes. These robot waiters are actually controlled remotely from home by people with severe physical disabilities. They are 1.2 meters tall and can orders, serve food, give bills, take money. This is a trial and can help persons with disabilities in running their businesses. Similar usage of robots in India can help Citizens.

The significance of robotics and artificial intelligence will affect not only manufacturing, transport and healthcare, but also jobs in agriculture and horticulture industries, logistics, security, retail, and construction. It is important to evaluate the economic impact and realize the social, legal and ethical issues of robotics and artificial intelligence in order to take full advantage of the benefits of these technologies while mitigating unfavorable effects. Establishing our track in robotics and artificial intelligence is an opportunity that nobody cannot afford to miss.

Artificial Intelligence and robotics can help in improvement of the life of citizens in many of the ways, out of which I would like to discuss few, which are as follows
1. AI in Indian Army : We have the third largest Army in the World in terms of size. AI can help us being the strongest among the all if we implement AI or robotics in our Army as AI powered robots can travel across difficult terrains, perform remote surgery, and most importantly execute surveillance missions.
2. Disaster Management: AI has the potential to aid disaster management in India. Using data from drone imaging and satellites, AI image processors and recognition systems can evaluate damage, predict dangers, and give topographical vision to speed-up rescue processes.